Story building games

the start of new leisure and education era

Modernize outdated learning processes in schools.

Transform how you read books and watch movies is the platform where any story becomes a multiplayer game where participant could change the story line.

The system is equipped with the app which allows physical artefacts, miniatures, cards or toys become parts of interactive stories. The same story could be played online, AR or VR environment.

PLAY story building games

The platform where the story building takes place bridges the physical world with game app. Depending on the form of the game the player chooses to play the game equipped with toys, cards or miniatures. The game creates the feeling of a player physically being in the room but mentally living in the story.

WILD WEST CIRCUS is a decision-based game in which you and your team get “transformed” into a management team of a traveling circus in the Wild West.
Stuck in California. Meet the world's leader in golden rush California and help them to avoid mysterious challenges.
white and gray robot toy
white and gray robot toy
Space MATH game is played in the schools to understand and improve math knowledge and logical thinking.

About the platform

Unlearn the old school interaction and learn new school interaction.

Five reason to play:

1.      NEW! We could guaranty that you never ever has been touched something similar. A huge model of the game and miniatures which became alive provide hints, gossips and rumors. The story which you could change. It is like reading book or whatching movie with the coleagues with the possibilyt to change the plot and characters destinies.

2.      SOCIALDETOX Currently you are spending so much time on the internet – see you colleagues only on the screen and friends on social network. Now is the time to meet in unexpected circumstances with unexpected story. Invite your colleagues for social detox.

3.      UNREAL REALITY. Circus like a team, department or company with the specific characters, process and culture which try to earn the money, have perfect environment in the organization and reputation in the town. Wild west is like nowadays environment when everything is changing so fast, the competitors appear immediately and employees could leave company in a second.

4.      BrainGYM! For the brain as for the body you need exercise too. Here you make decision and immediately see the result, you will try to manage complicated situation with the colleagues and look for nontraditional ways out.

5.      SKILLSBUILDING. You will improve a plenty of skills starting form communication and cooperation, active listening and critical thinking, as a scenario planning and decision making. You cannot imagine how the story combines teams and raise the team spirt.