Bringing stories to the multipayer games

The platform allows to easily implement various story lines with various endings.


In the simulation, students will face different dilemmas and will have to solve social challenges that arise in their environment or happen to them: what to do when someone leaks intimate photos, what to choose sports, science or newly born love, what challenges a newcomer faces in the class and how he feels and others situations.

The simulation will help the students to:

  • Develop their social skills

  • Learn how to solve different types of dilemmas

  • Improve their decision-making abilities

  • Empathize with others


  • 4 Miniatures, 20 cards, mobile APP, teacher book and 6 stories.

  • PLAYERS 8-24

  • TIME: 45 – 60 min.

  • GRADE: 9 – 12

white and gray robot toy
white and gray robot toy

An asteroid is heading towards the Earth. Teams’ goal is to save the Earth. The students are divided in to the crews one of three spaceships: SCIENTIFIC AIRSHIP, SPACE BEE and MILITARY CRUISER. During the missions they will encounter unexpected twists and turns of the story, but to save the Erath they will need math knowledge and logical thinking, the courage to make drastically decisions and of course the ability to work as a team.


  • 3 miniatures, 5 space maps, cards, exercises, mobile APP.

  • PLAYERS 8-24

  • TIME: 45 – 60 min.

  • GRADE: 3 – 12

Circus, miniatures, game, team building Circus, miniatures, game, team building

WILD WEST CIRCUS is a decision-based game in which you and your team get “transformed” into a management team of a traveling circus in the Wild West.
The game team gathers around a miniature model and by keeping a close eye on town life, listening to gossip and hints along with you team you make decisions that change the destinies of game characters and the story line.

Number of participants: 4-30
Game equipment: interactive miniatiure model, mobile phones and headphones
Time: 2-4 hours
Place: of your choice

Fairy tales HEROS

Super heroes are well-known mythological characters, historical figures or fictional heroes, with the help of which student will have to overcome challenges and obstacles. Each character has certain powers and their powers are design to solve specific challenges and impact the development of the story line. There is a broad spectrum of story lines: from climate change to the inventions which change our lives or solve crazy puzzles of the day.